Dom Deltorto, a London-based animator had his laptop stolen from his flat, (a one story apartment) in early February. 

Deltoro had installed Hidden App, a $15 piece of Mac software that lets you track a stolen machine the next time it connects to the Internet. It can send you pictures of its new owners from the built-in camera, and let you take screengrabs of what they’re doing on the desktop.When it did show up, Deltoro found it was in Tehran. 

Iranian police are of no help for crimes committed in London, so Deltoro started a tumblr called “Dom’s laptop is in Iran,” devoted to pictures of the laptop’s new owners. He found a family playing Jenga, listening to music, and wearing what was likely unintentional headgear (see above). The Tumblr went viral Thursday, April 7.

This Tumblr is now password protected.  Where is Aladdin and his genie when you need them?