Add More Hours to Your Day Monday, Jul 29 2013 

(No, Really)
Distractions are more costly than you think. Here are four ways to root them out of your day.

Keep employees and contractors well informed.
If you have standard operating procedures in place, along with scheduled meetings and project guidelines, your team should be able to find most of their answers without interrupting you. Get employees involved in creating these documents so they are well aware of their existence. When someone knocks on your door for an answer to something that is already in writing don’t give it to them. Politely request that they check the manual instead and that they continue to do so in the future. Also let them know when you cannot be interrupted and give yourself two-hour windows of time to focus on your projects.

Explain the new rules to friends and family.
Those who care for you will understand what’s at stake here. Tell them that you are excited about all of the opportunities to grow your business and that you intend to get hyper-focused. Let them know that they can help. To make it easier for them offer a window of time during the day when you’ll be available for a brief chat, like after hours.

Create customer service policies.
How many large corporations can you call and gain instant access to the owner or CEO? Right. So why do you give your clients instant access to you? Think of the message it sends. If you make the mistake of being at your clients’ beck and call they will perceive that you don’t have any other business. Let them leave a voicemail and designate a time or two each day to return those calls. Another advantage here is that you won’t be caught off guard. Typically, they will leave some hint about what they want to discuss and you will have the answers when you return their call.

Understand your avoidance tendencies.
You may tell yourself that you have to stay on top of email and social media updates all day long, but I’m going to challenge you on that. In my experience most entrepreneurs use this misguided belief to avoid doing what they should be doing. Keep your action list up to date to make it easier to choose your next task and when you get into the avoidance mode take a moment to consider why. Once you face your avoidance head on it may kick you into a higher gear. If this issue surfaces frequently, it’s time for a coach.



6 Tips for Creating Amazing Content Monday, Jul 22 2013 

6 Tips for Creating Amazing Content

Instead of advertising, you become your own publisher of powerful writing, pictures and video, all with the purpose of attracting and maintaining a loyal following who will hopefully buy your products or services someday.

5 Ways to Get and Keep Motivated Tuesday, Jul 16 2013 

5 Ways to Get and Keep Motivated

1. Always act with a purpose.

2. Take responsibility for your own results.

3. Don’t wait for perfection, just do it now!

4. Eat wisely because success takes energy.

5. Surround yourself with motivated people.

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