U.S. Department of Defense to Get Its Own App Store Thursday, Oct 31 2013 

The U.S. Department of Defense is getting its very own app store, so soldiers can more efficiently book plane tickets and call in airstrikes.


The department awarded a contract to Digital Management, a Maryland-based firm, for an initial amount of $2.9 million to build the “mobile device management system,” according to a release.


By Colin Daileda
Colin covers news at Mashable’s New York location. Before this, he interned at Foreign Policy magazine and The American Prospect, and graduated from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. When he’s not here, he’s probably eating or playing some kind of sport.

Along with apps that would streamline paperwork and the airstrike process, the department is interested in translation software, facial-recognition apps and a more advanced Google Maps, among other tools.


Email Providers Build Service to Protect Your Inbox From the NSA Thursday, Oct 31 2013 


Email Providers Build Service to Protect Your Inbox From the NSA

In August, Ladar Levison, the founder of Lavabit — the email service provider allegedly used by Edward Snowden — decided to shut down the entire company rather than comply with abroad surveillance request.


Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai is a reporter at Mashable’s New York headquarters, where he covers cybersecurity, tech policy, privacy and surveillance, hackers, drones, and, more in general, the intersection of technology and civil liberties. Before Mashable, Lorenzo was an intern at Wired.com, where he wrote for Danger Room, and Threat Level. A recent graduate of Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism Lorenzo is also a Law graduate at University of Barcelona. Lorenzo is also interested in all kinds of sports (soccer, NBA, NFL, etc.), science, environment and green technology. He’s also a self-defined geek and open-source and free-software enthusiast.

A few hours later, spooked by Levison’s extreme move, private communications startup Silent Circle abruptly and preemptively shut down its own email service, too.

Now, almost three months later, Lavabit and Silent Circle will announce their plans to join forces and launch Dark Mail, a new secure, encrypted and peer-to-peer email system more resistant to government surveillance. They’re calling it the “Dark Mail Alliance.”


Why not name it “Darth” Mail Alliance?

QR with skull and horn Wednesday, Oct 30 2013 

QR with skull and horn

Bua hahahahahahaha

Posted Oct 29, 2013 8:32 AM

Listed below are two sites that you can download QR codes from for free:

alternative to Photoshop Tuesday, Oct 29 2013 

alternative to Photoshop

GIMP 2.8

This free image editor is no longer a crippled alternative to Photoshop

has a reputation for being hard to use and lacking many of Photoshop’s features. The reality has changed dramatically over the last couple years. GIMP now has a very competent user interface, as well as an extensive and powerful set of features. Its openly extensible nature means that in some areas, like running well-known image processing algorithms on your photos, it actually outshines Adobe Photoshop.


How To Use Google Analytics To Create Killer Content Monday, Oct 28 2013 

How To Use Google Analytics To Create Killer Content

Google Analytics offers a wealth of information that can boost your content-marketing campaign … for free.

You can then use this to optimize content—either a blog post announcing your new product, or a dedicated landing page—around these search terms. To attract a wider audience, use Google’s Keyword Planner to identify related keywords, as well as highlight High Search/Low Competition keywords (this offers an opportunity to place highly for these search terms).

Lead Generation

Customer Retention

Dig for Data As Deep Or As Simple As You Want

These are just some of the more simplistic ways you can use Google Analytics to improve your marketing tactics immediately, particularly when it comes to the content on your company website.

The real benefit comes from you, and how deep you want to dive into the data available to you. Google has a wealth of resources on optimizing the information you wish to gather, and the official Google Analytics blog has in-depth articles that help you glean the exact type of data you’re looking for.

This open knowledge approach ensures your business—and the goals you have for it—are well catered for, regardless of how much prior knowledge you have when it comes to understanding analytical data around Web traffic.

For that reason, as well as the opportunities this brings, isn’t it time you dug a little deeper into what Google Analytics can do for your business?


  • Danny Brown

    Features Writer, American Express OPEN

    Danny Brown is VP, Marketing and Technology at ArCompany, helping clients turn social media intelligence into business results. Co-author of Influence Marketing: How to Create, Manage and Measure Brand Influencers in Social Media Marketing, described as the book that will change the way we do business today and recognized as one of the Top 100 Business Books in America by Nielsen BookScan. He is an award-winning marketer whose delivered results for organizations like Microsoft Canada, BlackBerry, FedEx, Ford Canada and LG Electronics, and his blog is recognized as the #1 marketing blog in the world by HubSpot.

BCA Martin Thursday, Oct 17 2013 

Angelina Jolie

moving from a public cloud service Wednesday, Oct 16 2013 


Shared publicly – Oct 10, 2013 To maintain control of their infrastructure and security, many businesses are moving from a public cloud service, to in-house storage. But what are the business challenges? http://bit.ly/17yzu5b

global average connection speed increased 5.2% to 3.3 Mbps Wednesday, Oct 16 2013 



Akamai Technologies, Inc   (NASDAQ: AKAM) is a company that provides a distributed computing platform for global Internet content and application delivery, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company was founded in 1998 by then-MIT graduate student Daniel Lewin, along with MIT Applied Mathematics professor Tom Leighton and MIT Sloan School of Management students Jonathan Seelig and Preetish Nijhawan. Leighton still serves as Akamai’s Chief Scientist, while Lewin was killed aboard American Airlines flight 11 which was crashed in the September 11, 2001 attacks. Akamai is a Hawaiian word meaning smart or intelligent.

Internet content delivery network Akamai has released its “State of the Internet” report for the second quarter of 2013. Highlights include the change in worldwide connection speeds and the huge increase of “attack traffic” originating in Indonesia.

According to the report, in Q2 2013 the global average connection speed increased 5.2% to 3.3 Mbps, with the global average peak connection speed rising 0.1% to 18.9 Mbps.

The fastest internet in the world can be found in Hong Kong, where the average peak connection speed reaches 65.1 Mbps, while South Korea is in second place with 53.3 Mbps. In the United States, the average connection speed is 8.7 Mbps, and the average peak connection speed is 36.3 Mbps.  stan-schroeder By Stan Schroeder

See ALSO: 1 in 5 Americans Still Lacks Broadband Access

Looking at global average mobile connection speeds, they ranged from 0.5 Mbps to 9.7 Mbps. Overall, the volume of mobile data traffic grew 14 percent compared to Q1 and nearly doubled year-over-year.

As far as global internet penetration goes, Akamai saw 752 million unique IPv4 addresses connect to its platform — a 2 percent increase over Q1 2013 and a 13 percent increase compared to Q2 2012. The global number of unique IP addresses grew by almost 19 million in Q2.

Akamai’s report also looks into malicious internet traffic. According to the report, 38 percent of such traffic comes from Indonesia — a big jump from the 21 percent in the first quarter. China is in second place with 33 percent (down from 34 percent), followed by the U.S. with 6.9 percent (down from 8.3 percent in Q1).

All in all, the top 10 countries/regions generated 89 percent of observed attack traffic, up from 82 percent in Q1. Akamai does note, however, that the country from which the attack traffic originates does not necessarily need to be the pl

ace where the attacker resides — he/she could be anywhere in the world, launching attacks from compromised systems elsewhere.

The report highlights attacks from a group called the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), which targeted news and media companies during Q2 2013. The spear-phishing attacks went after email accounts of employees, trying to gain access to targets’ Twitter feeds and similar sensitive info.

Drones Tuesday, Oct 8 2013 


by techgnotic

A Very interesting article with lots of cool pics.  What will we do with this new technology?  Will we use it for destructive purposes or helpful purposes?



Is Texting the Future of Workplace Communication? Monday, Oct 7 2013 



One-Liner Pitch: Cotap aims to be like WhatsApp for the workplace.

Why It’s Taking Off: The app makes it simple for employees to quickly message anyone in their company and create group chats.

If Jim Patterson has his way, managers across the country may one day encourage their employees to text more inside and outside the office.

Patterson is the co-founder of Cotap, a mobile messaging app that launched for iPhone earlier this week with the promise of making texting more useful for the workplace. The app lets employees communicate through one-to-one and group messages in much the same way as consumer-facing apps like WhatsApp and MessageMe.

“Texting is one of the most natural things people do with their phones,” Patterson told Mashable in a recent interview. “The workplace has email, but they really don’t have texting.”

Part of the difficultly involved in introducing texting into the workplace, he argues, is that it requires every employee to have access to every other employee’s cellphone number. Cotap works around this problem by making the email address the primary contact information rather than the phone number. The app then scans each user’s address book for contacts with a company email address in order to build out a shared list of work contacts for each employee to communicate with.

Those who don’t use the Cotap app can still be included in the collective address book, but will receive any incoming message as an email rather than as a text in the app.

Patterson previously worked as the chief product officer at Yammer, a social networking service for businesses, which was acquired by Microsoft last year for $1.2 billion. His co-founder Zack Parker also worked at Yammer as the senior director of engineering.While the app only allows basic text messages at the moment, Patterson hopes to introduce attachments and task management features to it down the road. The Cotap team will develop an Android version of the app next, with the goal of solving what Patterson considers to be the other major roadblock for the move to texting in the workplace.”With the demise of Blackberry, people are moving to BYOD [bring your own device] and there’s a split where half the company is Android and half iPhone,” he says. “There’s no cross-platform messaging service to use so everyone falls back to email.”

The San Francisco startup raised $5.5 million earlier this year from Charles River Ventures and Emergence Capital. The app is free, but Cotap plans to roll out a premium offering at some point for companies.

Image: Flickr, Emily Hildebrand and Cotap


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