1. What is the difference between WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org?


WordPress is available in two forms. Wordpress.com is an Open Source software meaning it’s free for anyone to use and modify to meet their personal needs (in this case, to create blogs). Since it’s free, it does have limitations. Alternatively, WordPress.org provides the software to create your blog, but WordPress.org does not host your blog on the Internet for you. You will have to pay a separate hosting provider to obtain a domain name and host your blog online. Using WordPress.org with a paid hosting service provides maximum flexibility and customization.

By Susan Gunelius, About.com Guide


2. List 10 of your favorite WordPress themes


1.   Vertex WordPress Theme http://www.freebiewebresources.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Vertex-WordPress-Theme.jpg

2. Evolution Business Theme

Simple and responsive design

by Elegant Themes

3. Feather WordPress Theme


4. 907 Responsive One Page Parallax WP Theme          http://themes.webcreations907.com/ninezeroseven/index.html

5. Flexible Portfolio Theme


6. SimpleMag Magazine Theme


Examples: http://www.blastedinspiration.com

7. Inovado Responsive Theme


8. Bazaar Shop e-Commerce WordPress Theme


9. My Cuisine Restaurant WordPress


10. ExtraNews Responsive News Theme


  • 2.   Which theme is easiest to edit?

With this brief overview, My Cuisine Restaurant seems to be the easiest.  They all claim to be easy to edit and many comments back this up.  Another common comment is the help given by the companies who created & sold the theme.

  • 3.   What is a WordPress Plugin?

A plugin is a piece of software that acts as an add-on to a web browser and gives the browser additional functionality. Plugins can allow a web browser to display additional content it was not originally designed to display.

A WordPress Plugin is a program, or a set of one or more functions, written in the PHP scripting language, that adds a specific set of features or services to the WordPress weblog, which can be seamlessly integrated with the weblog using access points and methods provided by the WordPress Application Program Interface (API)

©WordPress http://codex.wordpress.org/Writing_a_Plugin4.   List the top 20 plugins for WordPress in 2013.  Explain what each plugin does.

The following is from:


Written by Michael Dunlop | Posted in Blogging, Writing & Publishing

#1 Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer Plugin

This plug changes any Amazon link within your site to use your affiliate ID.  So if you have any Amazon affiliate links on your site, but you aren’t getting as many sales as you had hoped for this may be just the plugin for you. Users are notorious for sticking to their native roots so a UK user may discard a link to a US page; this is for a number of reasons we won’t go into but as a quick example, many discard the links purely because of the postage and packaging costs as well as the delivery time. This plugin will see to it that your users get to the right place.

#2 Gravity Forms Plugin

Gravity Forms have come up with this fantastic little plugin which is great for perfecting your use of forms within your site. Forget all the boring and arduous coding and designing that usually surrounds the topic of form building; let Gravity Forms help you create clean and usable forms in minutes. It really is pretty simple; you decide what you want in the form, you decide what colour and design it should be and you’re good to go. It is a fast and easy way to create professional looking forms.

#3 Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

This is just great for those of you that don’t want to get your hands dirty with some additional coding. It basically allows you to create an xml sitemap which you can add to your blog. This is great because it helps with SEO allowing the search engines to index your site a lot easier. It is definitely a big time saver and is a worthy tool to incorporate on your site.

#4 Podcasting Plugin

If you enjoy recording audio files for your blog then this may be just plugin you have been searching for. Podcasting Plugin is great for bringing your audio files from the desktop to the website; it also has a fantastic player included so your visitors can hear you right on the page without having to redirect them to itunes or some other program. There’s zero friction as they stay on the website, which means lower bounce rates as well as great content for your site. Get this plugin if you want to make a noise on your site.

#5 W3 Total Cache Plugin

This is an essential add-on that you will definitely want to download if you want your site to run smoother and faster. W3 Total Cache greatly improves the performance of your website by caching everything from databases to pages, this makes your server run through your sites content and in turn loads them up to your readers browser faster than ever. This is a very well-known and well respected plugin; used by some of the best sites online.

#6 Studiopress Simple URL Plugin

If you use affiliate programs, or even if you just don’t like long and ugly url’s on your website; then this plugin is very much a golden nugget for you. Simple URL’s basically shortens those ghastly, long URL’s to a more manageable bite-size version. It also allows you to track each link individually; so you can see how many times it has been clicked, if you are into your statistics you will love this plugin.

#7 Shrimptest Plugin

Strange name, but this is a great plugin. Shrimptest is basically a plugin that allows you to A/B test your site. It helps you to decide upon such things as; design, layout and even the content within your site by testing alternative variations. This (as far as I am aware) is the only A/B testing plugin which was built within wordpress from the ground up, so you know it is reliable and compatible right off the bat.

#8 SEO Friendly Images Plugin

SEO is at the top of all website owners lists and it should be too; this plugin will help you to get the most out of your sites SEO. Instead of going through the usual rigmarole of creating new alt and title tags for each image you insert into your site you can sit back and relax. After uploading your images Friendly Images will automatically give you all the tags you need. A great time saver.

#9 SEO Smart Links Plugin

If you struggle with SEO then this is another great plugin from the same company that brought you Friendly Images (above) this plugin can automatically link phrases and keywords from within your blog posts and comments to all corresponding content within your blog or website; including related posts, pages and categories. Another brilliant time saving tool.

#10 All In One SEO Pack Plugin

Another great SEO plugin used by many of the top bloggers online. The All in One SEO Pack is a tool which allows you to create effective SEO for your site automatically (you do have to do a little work though). It is a very well built and in depth service which provides you with some great ways to tap into your SEO which may have been hidden to you before. This will save you some time; as well as helping you to perform better user searches. Another great alternative is the WordPress SEO plugin from Yoast; currently in Beta testing mode this is certainly one to watch out for, Yoast is highly regarded in the SEO world so I’m sure this plugin will be great.

#11 SEO Made Simple Plugin

We’ve got a few other SEO specific plugins, but we wanted to add this into the mix because it’s too good to miss out completely. SEO Made Simple from Scribe is a brilliant little plugin which again allows you to create some really effective SEO campaings to your site; in turn making you more visible to the search engines. It works by showing you the type of language users are using in their search to help you add it to your SEO campaign as well as revealing some keywords and phrases within your own content that you may have missed. It also helps you to build up your back links as well as showing you where to find the influencial users on the social media circuit. Brilliant.

  #12 Feedburner Plugin

Feeds are important to any blog or website, and sometimes the jargona can get in the way of creating an effective feed stream for your site; your saviour: Feedburner. Feedburner is a web management plugin which provides custom RSS feeds for your blog/website as well as some very handy tools for creating effective feed campaigns. It’s easy to use and a very well recognised plugin.

#13 WPtouch Plugin

You need this plugin if you want the new generation of mobile/cell phone users to gain access to your site via their smart-phone. In layman’s terms this plugin will take all of your sites content and roll it up up into a neat little package ready to throw at the first smart-phone user that stumbles onto your website/blog. Wptouch allows integrated access on all the major platforms; Apple, Android and Blackberry, as well as a few more choice additions. This is a neat plugin and will give you the edge if you are looking to go into the world of mobile marketing.

#14 Comment Notifier Plugin

This little beauty is perfect if you have more than one administrator, moderator or editor; it allows all parties of your workforce to be notified when a new comment has been sent to your blog. This is great if you are away and have another staff member looking after the blog for you as it emails everyone (that you choose) so that they can act accordingly. A very nice addition.

#15 YARPP Plugin

YARPP or Yet Another Related Posts Plugin is just that; another related post plugin, but this one is the choice of a lot of professional bloggers due to the fact it just works; and it works very well at that. Basically it gives you a manageable list of posts and pages that are related to the post which is being viewed at that time. This is great not only for your users to get hold of similar pages but it also allows you to see what else you have done in the past you may have forgotten as well as being SEO friendly; bargain. The plugin also gives you a lot of control so you don’t have to worry about it pulling a list of 1,000 related posts (if you have that many). It’s a really nice feature to have on your blog.

  #16 Backup Buddy Plugin

As you can guess from the name of this one; the Backup Buddy basically creates a back up of your complete site but it doesn’t just do this. Backup Buddy is capable of allowing you to back up your site and migrate it over to another server and domain, creating an exact replica of your site elsewhere. Now you may think what’s the point; but if you are testing then this is a great way to start, also if you wanted to create a new site with a new logo, domain etc. but you wanted to keep the layout and the design of everything else, then you could easily do so with the Backup Buddy, just delete the content you don’t want and hey presto, you have a new sister site for your original; this way is great branding too.

#17 GoTryThis Plugin

This plugin is a great utility for internet marketers. GoTryThis protects your affiliate and marketing links as well as protecting them by redirecting them across the domains that you own; it mirrors them which in turn keeps them away from others that may want to steal or hack the links. The organization within the plugin is great and you really can keep on top of all your links very easily. If you are struggling with your affiliate and marketing links then this plugin is for you.

#18 Broken Link Checker Plugin

This Plugin is a must have for every blogger; it basically checks every single post you create and analyses them for broken links and missing images. It may seem like an obvious addition to the list but a lot of people forget or do not even know there is such a tool available. Add it to your arsenal or regret it!

  #19 Popup Domination

This one is essential if you want to build a list; and build it fast. In a nutshell, you create the design, add your content and Popup Domination does the rest: create beautiful and professional lightbox popup’s. The lightboxes are very sleek and are very stealthy which allows users to view them without getting annoyed like most of us do with the traditional popup. So if you want a professional edge to your opt-in’s then this tool is definitely for you!

  #20 OIO Publisher Plugin

If you are looking of a way to create professional looking advertisements in order to monetize your site then this tool is for you. OIO Publisher allows you to create an effective advertising campaign without the messy looking blank spaces that all too often fill up website real estate when your down on your luck in the advertising game. There’s also an in-built affiliate program to help get your readers to become customers. On top of all this you can also place the ads anywhere on your site; anywhere at all, don’t like them in the sidebar? No problem. If you are still unsure go to their website and check out their demo.

6. Post our answers to your blog.  We will discuss your blog tomorrow.  You can find any if the answers by doing a Google search.