10:39AM GMT 22 Jan 2014



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Starts out about yahoo and privacy and how yahoo wants to give whatever the NSA asks for to them and ends up with the growth of broadband speeds would provide the biggest change in technology over the next five years.

The chief executive of Yahoo has demanded that the technology giant is allowed to publish details of all personal data requests from America’s controversial National Security Agency.
Marissa Mayer said that the present system was “murky” and that greater transparency about the relationship between personal data and the security services was the only way to ensure the public trusted the system.
Yahoo and other technology giants like Google are barred from publishing details of the the requests at present. The NSA has been accused of indiscriminately harvesting mobile phone activity.
Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Ms Mayer argued that there were understandable “concerns” about what the NSA was looking at following a major series of leaks on America’s security body by Edward Snowden.
She said that Yahoo is already allowed to publish details of US state requests for information including “how many we get and the nature” of the request.

“We really want to be able to do the same thing on the NSA level,” she said. “What is murky is that people don’t know”
Gavin Patterson, the chief executive of BT, echoed Ms Mayer’s call for action. He said that Parliament should consider new legislation on the issue.
“Government legislation has to catch up,” he said. “It is often several years behind and in this sphere it is not fit for purpose.
“There need to be clear guidelines on what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. It is just too murky at the moment.”
Mr Patterson said that people understood that some sacrifice of privacy was necessary for reasons of security but the public needed to know what the rules were.