How to Choose the Right Technology for Your Small Business

Martins’ comments  This is a snippet from a longer article.   As I read this it seemed so obvious.  However it is very easy to get caught up in all the new and cool technology.  To restate one of the main points of this article is: Decide what the final result must be, what technology will bring your business there, purchase, set up the new technology then use it and verify, over time, that it is meeting expectations.



By Sara Angeles  Published April 22, 2014  BusinessNewsDaily

To avoid being intimidated by technology, small businesses should be strategic in their adoption decisions, Wandishin said. “They should only buy new technology if they have clearly defined what processes they want to affect and how new technology will ultimately have a positive effect on their bottom line,” he said. “It’s important to remember that technology simply cannot make up for poor processes.”


Business News Daily: How can small businesses feel less overwhelmed by technology choices?

John Wandishin: Small business owners can feel less challenged by identifying which emerging technologies would meet their business needs to ultimately make running their business more efficient. It’s also worthwhile for decision makers to choose not just a product, but a partner who is willing to help before, during, and after the actual sale.  By making sound partnering decisions and focusing on a specific type of technology that will best serve their business, decision makers can avoid second-guessing themselves and feel more confident in their choices.

In addition, there are companies, websites and organizations devoted to helping small business owners. Since 1964, SCORE, “Mentors to America’s Small Business,” has helped more than 10 million aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners through mentoring and business workshops.