Why You’re Not Seeing More Smart Home Appliances

A smart home and connected appliances are great but the basic needs of a home must be met.  Cold food in the fridge, clean clothes and dishes etc.

In the end, it always comes back to whether or not the fridge is good at keeping food organized and cool, the clothes and dish washer gives clean items.



You’re watching a cooking TV show and there’s a recipe you like. You save it, and send it to your refrigerator. Your refrigerator logs the recipe and lets you know whether or not you have the groceries available. If you do, you connect to your oven so it knows to preheat immediately. All of this is done without leaving your couch.

That’s the future of the connected home, according to Kurt Jovais, the vice president of Samsung’s home appliance division. He predicts we’ll see a proliferation of connected smart appliances within two to three years.

“The technology is all there,” he tells Mashable.

However, the home appliance market isn’t exactly noted for its cutting-edge innovation — the models simply don’t change very often. They’re built to age.