Most people think of a yogi (someone who practices yoga) As being very fit and flexible. This can happen over time, and with perseverance. My yoga career began at a gym by accident in 1995. Literally, I was there for my usual aerobics class, and the instructor didn’t show because she was in a car accident. So the next class was a yoga class, and I reluctantly went. I was a very fit 30 year old, but this was a form of exercise like no other. The instructor was having us put our body in shapes my body had never experienced, and I became aware of my hamstrings. Especially because I realized how tight they were. With time, practice and perseverance, my hamstrings have become much more humbly stretchy, which led to the end of my back pain. This was so significant to my life, that I decided to open a yoga studio, and offer Iyengar Yoga, which is a form of Hatha Yoga which teaches us to become aware of our bodies in space. I realized I didn’t have to be flexible to practice yoga, and I not only gained mobility in my muscles and joints, but it gained strength, and endurance.
i share my journey with others, and have helped numerous people realize why they have pain, and how to release it from their bodies. The purpose of yoga is not to be stretchy, it is to train the mind into silence. When one is in pain, the mind chatter can be deafening. Removing the noise of pain from the body, can free us to live a serene life.