My name is Martin Scott. I am a web development student at Winter Park Tech, a public technical school in Winter Park, FL.

Martin Scott

I am blogging publicly now even though I have been keeping a personal journal, posting sporadically for more than ten years. It is very personal; I will post publicly some of it, maybe even most of it, but not all of it. I do think it is time I came out of the journaling/blogging closet.

I have also been blogging as an assignment for my class; however, those posts are all repostings of various articles about new technologies.

The topics I would like to write about are my chronic illness, multiple sclerosis, my classroom experiences and my attempts at social interactions.

I would absolutely love to connect to other people with a chronic hidden illness, a female significant other, and anyone else who may want to read my stuff.

My overall goal is to learn to write in a manner that other people would like to read my writing and connect with me.