The challenge is go to ” ” and answer the following questions:

1. What is MySQL?
1. MySQL is the most popular open source database currently on the market. It has a short response time (fast), easy to use and doesn’t crash often. MySQL will run on almost all operating systems (cross platform support).

2. Which of the MySQL Admin and Development Tools explained in the article you recommend? Why?

1. Sequel Pro is advertised ( to be fast, easy to use MAC database management application for working with MySQL databases. It claims direct access to MySQL databases on both local and remote servers.

2. Couchbase claims to provide the world’s most complete scalable and best performing NoSQL database. They claim always-available, always responsive applications on phones, tablets and devices. This app is advertised to work equally well on Ubuntu, Red Hat, Windows and Mac operating systems.

Since I have never used any of these database applications I feel that I have to qualify my answers with phrases like “they claim” and the “product is advertised”. Given that Couchbase is claimed to work on four different operating systems and Sequel Pro is exclusively Mac, I would say Couchbase would be my recommendation.