Miguel Paraz

Miguel Paraz, Know a few languages by heart

Some questions that will lead to interesting discussions and will help tell you more about the programmer. (And would anyone like to answer!)

  • What programming languages do you use besides Java? How do they influence your Java programming? When do you choose to use Java?
  • What are some complex systems you have built in Java? How does the Java code follow from the requirements? Could you explain them in terms of simpler systems, or in terms of frameworks and libraries they use?
  • coffee prisonerWhat is the most interesting standard Java API class, interface, or package? How does it work? How have you used it?
  • What is Object-Oriented Programming? How does Java fulfil the requirements of OOP? Do you strictly follow the principles of Java OOP programming, or do you adjust it to your needs?
  • How does the JVM work? How does the JVM work with bytecode, with memory allocation, and garbage collection?