Samsung introduces its version of Apple’s Continuity with Flow app Wednesday, May 20 2015 

Karissa Bell

by Karissa Bell Mashable’s Apps Reporter and covers apps and software from Mashable’s San Francisco office very well.

Almost exactly a year after Apple first introduced its new Continuity features with iOS 8, Samsung is unveiling its own version of the features with a new app that makes it easier to switch between multiple devices.


The Korea-based smartphone manufacturer just released Flow, a new Android app that allows people with certain Samsung devices to switch between the same apps on their tablets and smartphone. The app is still in beta, but eventually Samsung says it will bring the capability to other devices like televisions and smartwatches.

Once the app (available now, in Google Play) is installed on at least two devices, you can transfer or defer tasks to another supported device. If you’re watching a YouTube video on your smartphone, for example, you can pause the video and resume it on your tablet or opt to finish it later.

The app uses Android’s built-in sharing menu so it already works with thousands of apps, according to Samsung, though developers who want to take advantage of the feature can bake a Flow button directly into their apps. Flow relies on bluetooth and Wi-Fi — not a cloud service — so both devices also need to be physically close to each other or on the same Wi-Fi network in order for it to work.


Samsung says it will also add notifications, mirroring, multitasking and other features in future versions. The app is U.S-only for now and only supports the company’s most recent flagships: the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the Galaxy S5, the Note 4 and Note Edge, Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy Tab S tablet, but the company says it plans to add the app’s capabilities to its smartwatches, televisions and other devices in the future.

This video provides a closer look at how the app may work with other types of devices once Samsung expands the feature.

Drones Tuesday, Oct 8 2013 


by techgnotic

A Very interesting article with lots of cool pics.  What will we do with this new technology?  Will we use it for destructive purposes or helpful purposes?

Is Texting the Future of Workplace Communication? Monday, Oct 7 2013 



One-Liner Pitch: Cotap aims to be like WhatsApp for the workplace.

Why It’s Taking Off: The app makes it simple for employees to quickly message anyone in their company and create group chats.

If Jim Patterson has his way, managers across the country may one day encourage their employees to text more inside and outside the office.

Patterson is the co-founder of Cotap, a mobile messaging app that launched for iPhone earlier this week with the promise of making texting more useful for the workplace. The app lets employees communicate through one-to-one and group messages in much the same way as consumer-facing apps like WhatsApp and MessageMe.

“Texting is one of the most natural things people do with their phones,” Patterson told Mashable in a recent interview. “The workplace has email, but they really don’t have texting.”

Part of the difficultly involved in introducing texting into the workplace, he argues, is that it requires every employee to have access to every other employee’s cellphone number. Cotap works around this problem by making the email address the primary contact information rather than the phone number. The app then scans each user’s address book for contacts with a company email address in order to build out a shared list of work contacts for each employee to communicate with.

Those who don’t use the Cotap app can still be included in the collective address book, but will receive any incoming message as an email rather than as a text in the app.

Patterson previously worked as the chief product officer at Yammer, a social networking service for businesses, which was acquired by Microsoft last year for $1.2 billion. His co-founder Zack Parker also worked at Yammer as the senior director of engineering.While the app only allows basic text messages at the moment, Patterson hopes to introduce attachments and task management features to it down the road. The Cotap team will develop an Android version of the app next, with the goal of solving what Patterson considers to be the other major roadblock for the move to texting in the workplace.”With the demise of Blackberry, people are moving to BYOD [bring your own device] and there’s a split where half the company is Android and half iPhone,” he says. “There’s no cross-platform messaging service to use so everyone falls back to email.”

The San Francisco startup raised $5.5 million earlier this year from Charles River Ventures and Emergence Capital. The app is free, but Cotap plans to roll out a premium offering at some point for companies.

Image: Flickr, Emily Hildebrand and Cotap


Star Trek’s Tricorder Becomes Reality With Scanadu’s Scout Wednesday, May 22 2013 

If you’ve been longing for the day you can just scan your body at home to find out what’s wrong when you’re sick rather than head to the ER — your day is here. Meet Scout, a device that can monitor and track your vital signs, temperature, ECG, heart rate, oximetry and stress by just holding the it up to your forehead for 10 seconds. As simple as it sounds, to use the device you simply hold it against your forehead and wait. Results are synched from Scout to your smartphone, where you can track your health over time. On a basic level, you can see that your temperature or heart rate is elevated from the norm at any given time. On a larger level, you can also see potential problems headed your way by noticing abnormalities before they become physical issues.


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